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Year 2017

Volume 53 Issue 2

Section 1. Refrigeration engineering

L. I. Morosuk, S. V. Gaiduk, B. G. Grudka, D. V. Korzhuk

Low-Temperature Heat-Driven Compression Refrigeration Machines with R744

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V. V. Trandafilov, M. G. Khmelniuk

Numerical Study of Compact Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger for Rotary-Vane Gas Refrigeration Machine

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M. Khmelniuk, D. Vazhinskyi, O. Ostapenko

Features of Techno-Economic Calculation of Commercial Cooling Chambers

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A. S. Titlov, I. N. Ishchenko, O. A. Titlova, A. O. Kholodkov, Yu. A. Ocheretyany

Search of Methods for Increasing Absorption Refrigeration Devices Power Efficiency

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Section 2. Power engineering and energy saving

V. Matukhno, Yu. Baidak, P. Tomlein

Distribution Transformer Temperature Field Simulation

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A. V. Solodkaya, I. L. Boshkova

Mathematical Description of the Heat Exchange Process between Gas Flows and Disperse Material

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A. A. Klymchuk, G. V. Luzhanska, A. N. Shramenko

Construction Modernization of Heat Accumulators Based on Solid Materials for Electricity Night Tariffs Operation

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V. N. Artyukh

Liquefied Gas - Alternative Source of Natural Gas Supply to the World’s Industrialized Regions

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Section 3. Refrigerating and accompanying technologies

S. A. Moroz, N. N. Lukianov, V. P. Zhelezny, Yu. V. Semenyuk

Experimental Research of C60 Fullerene Influence on Saturated Vapors Pressures and Surface Tension of R600a Refrigerant and Compressor Oil Solutions

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Section 4. Automatic, computer and telecommunication technologies

N.A. Kniazeva

Method for Determining the Functional Survivability in Case of Decentralized Control of Intelligent Service

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Yu. Zhuravlov

Correlation Model of the Thermal Elements Branches Geometry and Reliability Indicators for Two-Stage Cooler Design in the Q0max Modes

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I. N. Nikolenko, V. A. Masur, D. G. Pascu

The Generator of Average and Major Time Intervals of High Accuracy for On- Off Objects Control

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