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Year 2017

Volume 53 Issue 1

Section 1. Refrigeration engineering

L. I. Morosuk,  B. G. Grudka

Introduction to the Exergy Analysis of Absorption-Resorption Refrigeration Machine

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E. A. Osadchuk, V. Kh. Kirilov

Mathematical Simulation of Operating Modes of Absorption Water-Ammonia Refrigeration Unit Rectifier in the Systems for Producing Water from Atmospheric Air Using Solar Energy

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O. B. Vasyliv, A. S. Titlov, A. O. Kholodkov

Thermal Modes Simulation of Household Absorption-Type Refrigerating Unit Rectifier Lift Site

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Section 2. Power engineering and energy saving

A. E. Denysova, G. V. Luzhanska, I. O. Bodnar, A. S. Denysova

Two-Stage Heat Pumps for Energy Saving Technologies

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V. V. Aftaniuk, S. K. Bandurkin, S. E. Zholud

Simulation of Stress-Strain State of the Vortex Burner’s Swirler

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I. L. Boshkova, N. V. Volgusheva, N. A. Kolesnychenko

Energy Efficiency of Technical Ceramic Sintering in Microwave Field

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Y. V. Baidak, M. Masaryk, V. A. Matukhno

Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer by Oil from the Distribution Transformer Surface

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A. A. Petrik, I. G. Yakovleva

Determination of the Thermophysical Parameters Influence on the Heat Exchange Processes Intensification in the Steel-Fuel Unit Bath

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Section 3. Refrigerating and accompanying technologies

S. A. Moroz, N. N. Lukianov, V. P. Zhelezny

Density and Viscosity of Solutions Refrigerant R600a - Mineral Oil - Fullerene C60

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HuiYu Zhou, O. V. Korolov

Algorithm for Calculation of Damping Cap for Piston Pump

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L. F. Smirnov

Technology of Heavy Water Production by Freezing

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Section 4. Automatic, computer and telecommunication technologies

M. M. Al-Dhabi, O. V. Drozd, M. O. Drozd, I. M. Nikolenko

Methods of On-Line Testing for Digital Components of Safety-Critical Systems

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