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Year 2016

Volume 52 Issue 6

Section 1. Refrigeration engineering

V. V. Trandafilov, M. G. Khmelniuk, O. Y. Yakovleva

Mathematical model for the study and design of a rotary-vane gas refrigeration machine 

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Y. Zasiadko, O. Pylypenko, A. Forsiuk, R. Gryshchenko

A study into ice build-up and melting on vertical cooled pipes

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Section 2. Power engineering and energy saving

Alexander Doroshenko, Kostyantyn Shestopalov, Ivan Mladionov, Vladimir Goncharenko, Paul Koltun 

Polymeric materials for solar energy utilization: a comparative experimental study and environmental aspects 

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I. Butovskyi, V. Kogut, N. Zhikhareva, M. Khmelniuk 

Anticipated costeffective effect from application of the ejector heat exchanger for condensation of light fraction hydrocarbon on the petroleum storage depot

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Section 3. Refrigerating and accompanying technologies

О. Ya. Khliyeva, А. S. Nikulina, M. P. Polyuganich, S. S. Ryabikin, V. P. Zhelezny

Viscosity of ternary solutions composed of propylene glycol, ethanol and water

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V. Z. Geller, N. I. Lapardin

Solubility and miscibility of refrigerants R407c and R410a with synthetic compressor oils

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Section 4. Automatic, computer and telecommunication technologies

N. O. Kniazieva, S. V. Shestopalov

Solubility and miscibility of refrigerants R407c and R410a with synthetic compressor oils Complex quality criterion of control of the intellectual services provision in NGN

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Olga V. Olshevska

Computer program for calculation microchannel heat exchangers for air conditioning systems

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