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Year 2016

Volume 52 Issue 2

Section 1. Refrigeration engineering

M. B. Kravchenko

Experimental study of the refrigeration unit operating on the non-azeotropic mixture of refrigerants

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L. I. Morosuk, S. V. Gaiduk, B. G. Grudka

Analysis of the direct cycle within heat-using compression machine with R744

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Hasan Vesam Anvar Ali

Cryosurgical apparatus operating with ethanol

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V. E. Kogut

Scientific-technological fundamentals  of ejector heat exchangers development and their application in different systems

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Section 2. Power engineering and energy saving

Yu. Baidak, V. Matukhno, V. Chaikovskiy

Energy efficient transformers with various load graphics for the consumers of electric power

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N. A. Borisov, V. V. Miroshnichenko, V. M. Arsenyev, O. G. Golubkov

The issues of the gas-oil heat exchanger for heat recovery in gas turbine engine lubrication system

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A. V. Doroshenko, V. A. Goncharenko, I. Yu. Mladionov, A. N. Tsapushel

Development of multifunctional absorbing solar systems on the basis of fluidized bed heat-mass-transfer apparatus

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N. V. Zhіkhareva, В. І. Реrеpека, M. G. Khmelniuk

Power saving at operation of the supply ventilation systems and air conditioning

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V. Kravchenko, Ie. Kravchenko

Determination of ecological constituent in economic calculations for power plants

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D. О. Pupkov

The portable parabolа-cylindrical solar foodstuffs heater

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Section 3. Refrigerating and accompanying technologies

О. Ya. Khliyeva, M. P. Polyuganich, S. S. Ryabikin, А. S. Nikulina, V. P. Zhelezny

Study of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and ethanol binary and ternary water solutions density

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S. O. Sharapov, V. M. Arsenyev

Experimental investigation of liquid-vapor ejector with cylindrical mixing chamber

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Section 4. Automatic, computer and telecommunication technologies

M. G. Khmelniuk, D. I. Vazhinsky

Creating and using dynamic link libraries in engineering calculations

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S. G. Siromlia

The multi-agent system of virtual enterprise technological preparation

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