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Year 2016

Volume 52 Issue 1

Section 1. Refrigeration engineering

Baidak Yu. V.,  Smyk V. A.

Convective heat exchange from the refrigerating container refrigeration unit evaporator surface problem simulation

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Morosuk L. I. 

Cascade refrigeration machines with R744 as the working fluid for the high-temperature cascade

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Trandafilov V. V., Khmelniuk M. G., Yakovleva O. Y.,  Ostapenko A. V.

The Stirling gas refrigerating machine mechanical design improving

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Section 2. Power engineering and energy saving

Doroshenko A. V., Goncharenko V. A., Tsapushel A. N., Dem’yanenko Yu. I.

Experimental researches of heat transfer and pressure drop in fluidized bed cooling tower of various configuration

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Kravchenko Ie., Kravchenko V., Tkacheva E.

Determination of optimal slope angle for solar collector in dependence on duration of solar plant functioning

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Pavlenko A., Usenko B., Koshlak H.

The amorphous structure obtaining `method

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Prusenkov N. A., Rozov K. A.

Evolution of heat loss systematization in multilayer fencing under  DBN V.2.6‑31:2006 in operation

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Rozina O. Yu., Rogankov V. B.

The optimal conditions for the generation of heat flux throw the capillary cut caused by the ultrasonic cavitation

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Section 3. Refrigerating and accompanying technologies

Volgusheva N. V.

The kinetics of drying of grain materials in a microwave field

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Lapardin N. I., Geller V. Z.

Use of a modified hard-sphere model for oil-refrigerant mixtures viscosity calculation

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Lozovsky T. L., Shimchuk N. A., Motovoy I. V., Zhelezny V. P.

The influence of nanoparticles Al2O3 on isopropyl alcohol heat capacity

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Yakub L. N., Bodiul O. S.

Low-temperature equation of state of solid methane 

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Section 4. Automatic, computer and telecommunication technologies

Titlova O. A.

Automatic control systems for improving the efficiency of absorption refrigeration units

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